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Child protection in the context of Romania's accession to the European Union


Increase of the efficiency and performances within the Departments for Children's Rights Protection in Bucharest, having as specific objectives:

- Training of the staff in the specialised departments regarding children care and protection, in accordance with national and European standards;

- Training of the staff in the specialised departments in order to increase the capacity to raise and manage extra-budgetary funds;

Improve the information and communication system of the Departments for Children's Rights Protection in Bucharest, having as specific objective:

- Information and education of the public opinion regarding the role of the family in raising and protecting children, the children's rights and the attributions of the relevant public authorities, through a public campaign.

The content of training with representatives of all the departments for children rights protection in Bucharest.

The training activities will be divided in two modules:

A. Standards for childcare

1. In force legislation in the field, provisions of relevant international agreements

National and international legislation regarding child protection within the family or an institution

2. Government strategy in the field of child protection

The presentation will focus on intervention directions as stated in the strategy which was presented by Mr Vlad Romano to the European Union.

These regard all the possible situations that children can be in (in families, in institutions, on the street).

3. Models of services and European standards in the field

The presentation will focus on profesionalized intervention methods for families and children; the models presented will be models successfully used already in western countries.

4. Methods and techniques in social assistance

- Network of social assistance and services for children

- Specific theories in the practice of social assistance

- Social enquiry

- Analysis of social documentation

- Observation

- Interview in social assistance

- Stages of the interview: the contact, the contract, the elaboration of the action plan

- Team work and teambuilding

- Communitary social assistance

Elements of child psychology

- Main stages of age

- Sensation and perception

- Language and thinking

- Memory. Imagination. Attention.

- Child development through games

- Familly affection

- Behaviour particularities and the formation of behaviour features

B. Fundraising and management

Conducting annual campaigns for fundraising

- Planning, implementation and evaluation of annual funds

- Reflection of the organisation needs in the donor's needs

- Key concepts and traditional methods in fundraising, including direct mailing, phone fundraising, special events and members activities

- Information management regarding donors

- Lobby

Project management

- Project components

- SMART analysis

- Stages of project elaboration and implementation

- Monitoring and evaluation

Organisational management

- Organisational design, performance and efficiency

- Structures and functions of organisations

- Organisational culture

- Governing (management, action directions)

- Management

- Community involvement

Human resources management

- Theories and principles of human resources management, including staff motivation and human resources development strategies

- Critical issues, volunteers management, relation with experts, relationship with boards and steering committees

- Efficiency of the executive bodies (time management, performance indicators, priorities, decision-making)

Analysis of the organisation and effective change

- Applied strategic planning for the organisations involved

- Analysis of internal and external links, strengths and weaknesses, strategic directions for change.



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