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The Research-Development Department supplies services of fundamental and applied social research, development and innovation, using quantitative, qualitative or hybrid methodologies.

The research activities were a major dimension of the preoccupations of the Association for Socio-economic Promotion and Development CATALACTICA from its very establishment. Currently, the portfolio of projects, our products and experts answer various requests and profound needs expressed by the partners and beneficiaries of the activities we run.

By our activity:

  • We run specific professional activities for local and international beneficiaries, nongovernmental organisations, private companies, public units of the local or central administration;
  • We have a centre of resources and expertise, with experts skilled in the production of social knowledge;
  • We perform domestic actions and projects with the purpose to increase the intervention capacities, professional development, generation of know-how and production of support materials which increase the efficiency of activities and maximise the impacts of the projects run by CATALACTICA.

The services we provide mean professional solutions for:

  • Prospecting and analysis of the needs of our clients/partners/beneficiaries of the organisation and of its programs;
  • Consultancy, assistance and orientation for the implementation of a research project and transpose the research outcome into feasible recommendations for our client/beneficiary;
  • Research design, data collection, data analysis and report of the research results;
  • Permanent prospecting of the market and of the social phenomena in order to propose actual solutions to the relevant topics at the micro and macro-regional level.
  • Evaluation of process, product impact institutional evaluation.

The products of the research activity are reports, studies, analytical documents, recommendations of policy etc., on topics of major interest such as social capital, social values, consumption habits, socio-economic situation, inclusion and social economy, poverty and the vulnerable groups, innovation and social development, access to education, health care services, employment and professional reinsertion, to mention just some of them.

An important component of the activity of the Research-development Department is the development of research instruments for the periodical surveys with impact at the national, academic, professional and institutional levels, to influence the public policies decisions.

Our results consolidate the capacity to supply technical assistance for the design and implementation of projects, stemming from the experience and expertise of our specialists, about which you can read

The Association is Editor of the
Journal of the Positive Community Practices.

Through the Research Development department:

  • We enhance the capacity to know and understand the individual and the social life
  • We integrate the research experience and its results in programs, projects or activities, relevant and significant, with finality and impact.
  • We facilitate the flow of ideas and the process for their production, of valorising and utilization of knowledge;
  • We promote a high standard of applied social research and we build contexts for the formation and development of the professionals in this area.

Contact person data, Andrei Parvan



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