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To solve our problems together

The project To solve our problems together aims at facilitating and enabling contacts between romanian and serbian NGOs working in the field of inter-ethnic relation (especially Rroma).

ECHOSOC Foundation from Romania and Open University Subotica from Serbia will be the main connection points of the network. Groups of experts from each country will benefit from support of the two 2 main partner organizations in elaborating policy papers regarding the Rroma issue, to be promoted and advocated for at the level of central and local authorities.


1. to establish civil society linkages and create a network between NGOs who work in the field of Rroma from Serbia and Romania as a result and follow up;

2. to improve collaboration between Rroma NGO from Romania and Serbia;

3. to elaborate a policy paper about Rroma situation and about strategies for it improvement in both countries;

4. increase the advocacy skills from Rroma NGO's in both countries.

Starting with 1999, ECHOSOC foundation started to develop programs targeted at the Rroma population. The activities have been developed on three coordinates:

- Institutional development;

- Needs assessment and program implementation at local level;

- Research, evaluation and dissemination of results with an important component of advocacy and lobby.



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