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The Education-Training Department supplies services to the beneficiary persons and communities, to our partners, or services required by the organisations. These services consist in:

  • Information and awareness raising on social and educational issues;
  • Sessions of formation/training, coaching, assistance and orientation for the social workers, teaching and non-teaching staff, socio-educative animators, community facilitators, social mediators, representatives of the local administration or public institutions, NGOs, private companies and other clients of the organisation;
  • Educational animation, assistance and complementary services for the adults and their families, in specific areas;
  • Curricula development, design of intervention plans and educational or training projects;
  • Consultancy in social sciences or as support for the national or international projects.

The activities we are managing are:

  • Conceived in agreement with real, profound needs;
  • Correctly fundamented theoretically and methodologically;
  • Relying on modern methods and means of learning;
  • Balanced in terms of the theoretic content and practical-applied dimension;
  • Always framed within a friendly, supportive and motivating learning environment;
  • Flexible, personalized and adequate to the context;
  • Animated by the training, competency and experience of our instructors and educators.

Through the Education-Training Department:

  • We upgrade the competitiveness of the human resources by the acquisition of practices essential to life, of the competencies necessary on the labour market and of the capacities that produce welfare;
  • We design, organise and coordinate activities of initial and continuous training for all the people wanting to make a career in the social field or who want to improve their knowledge ad competency;
  • We supply to the institutional or organisational administrators and decision-makers the information and necessary instruments to know, understand, decide and act adequately;
  • We develop and administrate strategies by which people and organisations accomplish their objectives and answer the needs of the beneficiaries/clients/employees.

CNFPA licences: Project manager, Trainer, Social mediator, Social worker, Human resources inspector, Counsellor for job orientation, Secretary, Office operator, Computer operator for data input, validation and processing, Entrepreneurial competencies

Contact person data, Daniela Dandara



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